10 Best PPC Firms July 2016

When you choose pay per click advertising, you are choosing a marketing tactic that lets you pay for results. However, creating a successful campaign requires an expert touch. Therefore, make sure you find the best pay per click management agency by studying the companies listed below. These companies will help you create a campaign that is optimized for success. You can expect help designing your ad, selecting your website and deciding how long to run the ad. Because these companies have been vetted, you can trust that these companies offer excellent customer support and deliver palpable results in online advertising. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Pay-Per-Click Company Logo: Minkism
#1 of 10 Top PPC Managment Companies


Idaho Falls, Idaho

#1 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Companies of 2016 - Minkism is a pay-per-click management firm that works with companies to determine where online traffic is being directed and how to best take advantage of digital advertising methods to better direct it. Due to their numerous successes in taking failing advertising campaigns and getting more value out of them, Minkism is widely considered to be one of the best pay-per-click management firms in the industry. Due to the way that pay-per-click campaigns work, in which they only charge for successful visitor interactions, Minkism is able to save companies considerable money through online advertising.

 Leading PPC Managment Business Logo: Crush My Market
#2 of 10 Best Pay Per Click Management Companies

Crush My Market

Walnut Creek, California

#2 of 10 Best Pay-Per-Click Agencies of 2016 - If you want to be able to compete with the local businesses in your area, you have to know a little something about online advertising. Luckily, Crush My Market is a local online marketing firm that can help you every step of the way. Along with knowing all about pay-per-click advertising, which it is well-known for, Crush My Market can also help with local search engine optimization services. Crush My Market is based out of Walnut Creek, California, but it helps local businesses everywhere. For help with starting and running a PPC advertising campaign and with other forms of online marketing, contact Crush My Market today.

 Best Pay Per Click Management Company Logo: Customer Magnetism
#3 of 10 Leading Pay Per Click Management Firms

Customer Magnetism

Virginia Beach, Virginia

#3 of 10 Best PPC Firms of 2016 - Inbound marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of any company's overall marketing strategy. Customer Magnetism has spent a lifetime perfecting their talents and can provide excellent service to companies of any size or shape. They begin by delving into your company to see what really makes it tick. the best way to show others the light within your company is by experiencing that light for yourself. By speaking with you and analyzing your company, Customer Magnetism can determine the right demographic and help you cater your marketing to those customers.

 Best PPC Managment Firm Logo: AXZM
#4 of 10 Top PPC Agencies


Dallas, Texas

#4 of 10 Top Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - AXZM is a pay per click management firm that is established in Dallas, Texas. AXZM was founded by Steve Floyd, who currently serves as the marketing company's Principal Consultant. The marketing firm has been distinguished as one of the best pay per click management firms in the Southern region of the United States. Companies are attracted to AXZM because of the firms's experience with conversion rate optimization, website development, content strategy, systems integrations, search engine optimization analysis, application development, reporting, user experience design consulting, marketing automation, paid media advertising, analytics, website design, local search marketing, and search engine optimization auditing.

 Leading PPC Managment Agency Logo: SEM Drive
#5 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Agencies

SEM Drive

San Mateo, California

#5 of 10 Top Pay Per Click Management Businesses of 2016 - SEM Drive is a pay-per-click management firm that helps businesses to get the most out of their online marketing initiatives. Through their services, SEM Drive is able to conduct research on the most reliable AdWords campaigns and guide businesses through the intricacies of search engine optimization. Any business that is interested in building up its online marketing capabilities and needs an expert's opinion on the best way to capitalize on that should look into SEM Drive and its services. SEM Drive is considered one of the best pay-per-click management firms for a reason.

 Best Pay Per Click Management Firm Logo: Ami Creative Studio
#6 of 10 Top PPC Managment Companies

Ami Creative Studio

Anna Maria Island, Florida

#6 of 10 Leading PPC Firms of 2016 - Ami Creative Studio has developed a reputation as one of the best PPC management firms in the business based on its ability to consistently deliver results to clients. Ami Creative Studio works within any budget and considers itself a true partner in helping its clients to build their businesses. Ami Creative Studio receives plenty of praise from satisfied customers for their open and honest communication about pricing strategies and return on investment. Ami Creative Studio is able to adapt campaigns very quickly to make the most out of its clients' ads. Ami Creative Studio continues to innovate and stay ahead of PPC trends.

 Leading PPC Company Logo: Florida SEO Hub
#7 of 10 Top PPC Managment Firms

Florida SEO Hub

Cape Coral, Florida

#7 of 10 Top Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2016 - Florida SEO Hub is a professional company that offers a number of marketing services that benefit entrepreneurs and large businesses. The process of building brand awareness with Florida SEO Hub is simple because the marketing team uses a unique system that manages and tracks everything. The specialists at Florida SEO Hub have a simple goal, which is to make traditional marketing tasks easier. This is why the company provides basic SEO packages, website design options, link building strategies, and local SEO services.

 Best Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: RUNNER
#8 of 10 Best Pay-Per-Click Companies


Dallas, Texas

#8 of 10 Best Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - Pay-per-click advertising can be an effective tool for bringing people to your website. However, if you aren't careful, you can waste a lot of money on these campaigns without seeing results. It's important to know which keywords to target and how to track and tweak your results so that you can make the most out of your advertising budget. This can be challenging for someone without experience to do, but there are PPC advertising firms out there that can help. Runner Agency, which is based out of Dallas, is the perfect firm to hire for these services. With the help of Runner Agency, you can get more out of your advertising budget and can bring forth great results with your pay-per-click advertising campaign.

 Best PPC Business Logo: Click Ready Marketing
#9 of 10 Top PPC Firms

Click Ready Marketing

Dawsonville, Georgia

#9 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - ClickReady Marketing is a business that provides SEO, PPC, web design, content, and social media services to large and small companies. The staff tackles all tasks in Atlanta and uses specific tools and techniques during different marketing situations. When managers work with the ClickReady Marketing team, they get excellent customer service every step of the way. Big projects always run smoothly because the staff addresses all marketing concerns within a reasonable time frame. The support team at ClickReady Marketing is dedicated and driven, so executives never have to deal with any issues throughout the development phase. During peak business hours, the ClickReady Marketing employees will strive to answer every phone call.

 Leading Pay Per Click Management Firm Logo: My Good Profile
#10 of 10 Leading Pay Per Click Management Businesses

My Good Profile

Boonton, New Jersey

#10 of 10 Top Pay Per Click Management Firms of 2016 - Founded by Edward Olimpio in 2013, My Good Profile is a digital marketing agency based in Boonton, New Jersey. The main goal of the company is to help clients understand the basics of search engine optimization (SEO); with better planning and execution, customers are guaranteed more online exposure -- and consequently increased sales and revenue. My Good Profile's SEO-centered services include content writing, responsive website design for functionality and visual optimization on any device (e.g., desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), social media marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. My Good Profile also helps with developing eCommerce channels, web applications, and enterprise portals.

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