10 Best Bing PPC Management Firms May 2017

If your business relies on a digital presence to retain customers and attract new ones, then staying relevant on Bing is critical to your bottom line. These firms have proven strategies to help your business develop and adapt its Bing marketing plan. Before you spend your limited marketing dollars on any firm to craft your Bing marketing strategy, check out the top Bing firm on this list so that you can rest assured your marketing investment will go far. You are sure to be impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to superior customer service for every digital marketing campaign. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Bing Business Logo: Blue Matrix
#1 of 10 Best Bing Companies

Blue Matrix

Dallas, Texas

#1 of 10 Best Bing Firms of 2017 - Founded in 2004, BlueMatrix Media, which offers a suite of digital marketing services -- is based in Frisco, Texas. Potential clients can work with BlueMatrix on increasing their online visibility, creating or redesigning their websites, manage the reputation of their brands, manage their social media accounts, or create pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to increase traffic and boost sales. Other services that BlueMatrix offers include cloud hosting and email marketing. Founded and run by a team of digital marketing veterans with over 40 years of combined experience, BlueMatrix has clients that range from small and midsize businesses to globally recognized brands like Best Buy, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Ford.

 Best Bing Business Logo: Web Talent Marketing
#2 of 10 Best Bing Businesses

Web Talent Marketing

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

#2 of 10 Best Bing Agencies of 2017 - Web Talent Marketing is a pioneer when it comes to helping companies establish a solid brand on the internet. With several hard-working digital marketing experts on staff, Web Talent Marketing is ready to help you get more customers for your services or products. The digital marketing team at Web Talent Marketing is loyal, focused, and dedicated to providing positive results within a reasonable amount of time. It is also imperative to point out that the digital marketing team is only interested in using ethical marketing techniques that will not put your search engine rankings in jeopardy with major search engines.

 Best Bing Business Logo: 7strategycom
#3 of 10 Best Bing Agencies


Olathe, Kansas

#3 of 10 Top Bing Agencies of 2017 - 7 Strategy is a web design agency operating in Kansas City. They believe that strategically planning ahead is the only way to discover client needs and implement them in an efficient and cost-effective way. They offer services in web development, search engine optimization, and paid marketing campaigns. With PPC advertising, they measure the click-ROI of presently operating marketing campaigns. They analyze the data and are able to assist the client with new campaigns and keyword selection that will increase click-through rates and enhance brand awareness.

 Best Bing Company Logo: Straight North
#4 of 10 Leading Bing Firms

Straight North

Chicago, Illinois

#4 of 10 Leading Bing Firms of 2017 - Founded in 1987, Straight North is a digital marketing company headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois. The company focuses on presenting creative and online marketing services to generate qualified sales leads and increase online traffic and sales. Such services include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, display advertising, responsive web design and development, and conversion optimization. Straight North’s clientele has included FireKing, RedRidge Verification Services, Eaton Corp., Gamber Johnson, the Diamond Health Clinic, and the Chicago Bears. In addition to its Illinois headquarters, which serves the Chicago metro region, Straight North has satellite offices in Baltimore, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Washington, D.C.

 Leading Bing Firm Logo: Titan SEO
#5 of 10 Top Bing Companies

Titan SEO

San Diego, California

#5 of 10 Best Bing Agencies of 2017 - Titan SEO is often regarded as one of the best Bing PPC management firms available today. They have experience working with several large clients like Days Inn, National Geographic, Aman Resorts, Classy Closets, and more. They work with clients in a broad range of business sectors including aviation, real estate, e-commerce, education, non-profit, healthcare, and technology. Titan SEO is a full-service agency that can handle a broad selection of advertising tasks. They specialize in PPC advertising campaign development and use popular search engines like Google and Bing. They also offer social networking advertising solutions as well.

 Top Bing Business Logo: StubGroup
#6 of 10 Best Bing Agencies


Forth Worth, Texas

#6 of 10 Best Bing Firms of 2017 - The StubGroup is currently being hailed as the best Bing PPC management firm in its class. This company provides free evaluations for both AdWords and Facebook ads. The StubGroup additionally maintains an expansive range of service offerings that include SEO, conversion rate optimization, web development and design, and PPC marketing management. Founded by Mike Stubblefield and Tim Horn, StubGroup is located in Fort Worth, Texas and it's an accredited, professional Bing Ads Agency, and a certified Google Partner. This firm is committed to helping companies turn clicks into profits. It also offers a comprehensive resource center that its clients can use to streamline and enhance their marketing efforts.

 Top Bing Company Logo: PPC Houston
#7 of 10 Best Bing Firms

PPC Houston

Houston, Texas

#7 of 10 Top Bing Agencies of 2017 - PPC Houston is a leading advertising agency that is based in Houston, Texas. They work with a variety of clients in different business sectors such as real estate, e-commerce, technology, education, non-profit, and more. Some of their client examples include Texas Taco Company, Landmark Inns, Cajun Movers, and Borrowed Time Watches. PPC Houston specializes in a wide variety of advertising needs. Some of the most common examples include PPC ad campaign development, search engine optimization, and social media advertising. They also offer a wide variety of web development services as well.

 Best Bing Company Logo: Chris Mitchell Marketing
#8 of 10 Leading Bing Agencies

Chris Mitchell Marketing

Athens, Alabama

#8 of 10 Leading Bing Businesses of 2017 - When a person needs to search for information or is interested in purchasing a product or service, Bing is one of the most popular search engines they use. Companies that want to maximize this internet activity can place pay per click (PPC) ads on Bing and attract the attention of a vast audience. Companies benefit from PPC ads because they only pay for the clicks on the ad, and not the amount of air time or frequency of showings. The PPC ads shown on Bing and developed by Chris Mitchell Marketing offer a great return on investment for any business.

 Best Bing Firm Logo: LAD Solutions
#9 of 10 Best Bing Firms

LAD Solutions

Los Angeles, California

#9 of 10 Top Bing Firms of 2017 - Based in Los Angeles, LAD Solutions is an internet marketing agency that is focused on generating quality traffic to its clients websites. The firm works to help its customers find ways to not only increase clicks, but convert those visits to sales that will boost the bottom line. Providing the most advanced pay per click and search engine optimization tools is a priority for LAD Solutions. The firm adapts quickly to the rapidly developing technologies available, and brings those technologies to its client base. LAD Solutions also offers reputation management, social media, Google penalty removal and web design and development services.

 Leading Bing Firm Logo: Alabama Media Group
#10 of 10 Top Bing Companies

Alabama Media Group

Birmingham, Alabama

#10 of 10 Best Bing Agencies of 2017 - With marketing strategies changing at lightning speed, you need an effective way to get your message across and your business noticed. Through the power of Bing Ads, individuals and businesses have the ability to compete on the same level as large, modern companies, but in order to succeed you need an effective and knowledgeable team working on your behalf. Alabama Media Group is that team, with their data-driven approach and years of experience, delivering results is not a problem. Through dozens of campaigns and hours of testing, they have Bing advertisement down to a science and while other companies only make promises Alabama Media Group will bring you results. So leave it to the professionals, leave it to the pros, leave it to Alabama Media Group.

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