10 Best Bing PPC Management Firms July 2017

Most people think of Google as the only relevant search engine. However, if you focus exclusively on Google, then you will miss out on opportunities with other prominent search engines. For powerful online marketing that yields results, you should consider advertising on Bing. Bing is operated by Microsoft, which means it has a huge base of users. To make inroads on Bing, look at this list for the best Bing firm in pay-per-click advertising. These firms can help develop the best ad possible for Bing, and they can determine the right size and scale to pursue for your marketing efforts. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top Bing Company Logo: Blue Matrix
#1 of 10 Leading Bing Agencies

Blue Matrix

Dallas, Texas

#1 of 10 Best Bing Companies of 2017 - Blue Matrix is a Bing PPC management firm based in San Francisco. They can help you take advantage of the high amount of immediate traffic you can receive from the world's 2nd largest search engine by running Bing PPC ads. They've been in the industry for over 17 years now and have a thorough understanding of how paid search advertising works. They work with businesses of all kinds, including eCommerce websites, startups and local enterprises. Any Bing ad campaign they manage will be set up and optimized in a way guaranteeing the best possible ROI.

 Top Bing Business Logo: Web Talent Marketing
#2 of 10 Top Bing Firms

Web Talent Marketing

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

#2 of 10 Best Bing Agencies of 2017 - The advertisement and PPC management firm, Web Talent Marketing, uses a mix of time-tested and cutting-edge marketing strategies meant to help businesses extend their reach throughout their desired markets. The foundation of Web Talent Marketing’s comprehensive strategy is built upon a digital first approach, which ultimately includes non-digital media. With years of experiences as a white-hat marketing firm, Web Talent Marketing has a reputation of successfully avoiding the cheap SEO gimmicks that have gone in and out of fashion in recent years. Their long-term business partnerships include clients such as the National Notary Association, Saint Joseph’s University, and Sandypoint Resorts.

 Top Bing Agency Logo: 7strategycom
#3 of 10 Top Bing Agencies


Olathe, Kansas

#3 of 10 Top Bing Companies of 2017 - 7 Strategy offers web design and SEO solutions for its impressive roster of clients. Headquartered in Kansas City, this full-service PPC management firm offers its clients cutting-edge marketing strategies. Services provided by this award-winning company include Flash design, 3D animation and brand identity. 7 Strategy helps companies increase revenue, decrease marketing costs, bolster customer relations and enhance brand loyalty. This company has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Kansas City Business Journal and USA Today.

 Leading Bing Business Logo: Straight North
#4 of 10 Best Bing Firms

Straight North

Chicago, Illinois

#4 of 10 Top Bing Agencies of 2017 - Advertising on Bing gives a company the chance to reach a huge audience. People visit Bing in order to conduct internet searches when they are looking for a product, require a service or simply want to find out more information about a topic. To capitalize on this activity, companies turn to pay per click (PPC) advertising solutions. A PPC campaign on Bing is an affordable way to advertise because the client pays based on the number of clicks on the ad. Straight North, which is a top ten firm, is recognized for exemplary work in creating PPC ads that deliver.

 Best Bing Business Logo: Titan SEO
#5 of 10 Leading Bing Firms

Titan SEO

San Diego, California

#5 of 10 Top Bing Agencies of 2017 - Titan SEO is a reputable Bing PPC Management firm and has delivered tremendous results for many years. The PPC Management specialists at Titan SEO take the time to understand their clients' brand, their products and their overall business objectives. If you are in need of top notch PPC management, Titan SEO is your clear choice. Titan SEO utilizes industry experience, proprietary technology and a lot of hard work to help clients achieve high rankings. Their PPC management process is handled by a great team of PPC management experts and can help deliver on your PPC and digital marketing and advertising goals.

 Best Bing Agency Logo: StubGroup
#6 of 10 Best Bing Companies


Forth Worth, Texas

#6 of 10 Leading Bing Firms of 2017 - So many people forget about Bing when it comes to pay-per-click advertising, but it can be a good market for advertising your site. If you want to make the most out of it, however, you are going to need the right agency. So many agencies spend all of their time running Google campaigns, but StubGroup is one online marketing firm that didn't forget about the other popular search engines. It's even won quite a few different awards for its great work with Bing PPC advertising, and it's a great choice for advertising your site on other major search engines as well.

 Best Bing Firm Logo: PPC Houston
#7 of 10 Best Bing Businesses

PPC Houston

Houston, Texas

#7 of 10 Top Bing Agencies of 2017 - Many people use Bing every day in order to find websites, look for products or locate information that they need. Because Bing has so much activity from a diverse audience, it is an ideal venue for businesses to advertise their products and services. To make the most of the activity on Bing, pay per click (PPC) ads are a wise choice. PPC ads are affordable because businesses only pay for clicks on the ad. As a leader in developing Bing PPC ads, PPC Houston works with local and small businesses to help them get noticed in a competitive worldwide market.

 Best Bing Business Logo: Chris Mitchell Marketing
#8 of 10 Best Bing Companies

Chris Mitchell Marketing

Athens, Alabama

#8 of 10 Leading Bing Agencies of 2017 - Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, Chris Mitchell Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers services for SEO, PPC advertising and more. Specifically, it is well-known for doing a great job of assisting people who want to start PPC advertising campaigns, including through platforms that aren't quite as popular as Google AdWords, such as on Bing. If you are thinking about doing something different with your marketing by advertising your website through Bing's paid ads, or if you just need professional assistance with marketing your site on the World Wide Web, Chris Mitchell Marketing can help, whether you are based in Alabama or elsewhere.

 Best Bing Agency Logo: LAD Solutions
#9 of 10 Top Bing Companies

LAD Solutions

Los Angeles, California

#9 of 10 Top Bing Firms of 2017 - LAD Solutions is a Los Angeles based PPC Management Firm and SEO company that began nearly three years ago after a chance meeting at an internet marketing seminar. With an experienced team of professionals that has over 20 years of combined marketing experience in the search engine field, LAD Solutions has continued its ascension to the top of the Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-click industry in a short period of time. Aiming to improve traffic to each client’s websites, while also driving sales upward, is at the forefront of LAD Solutions’ overall objective.

 Top Bing Firm Logo: Alabama Media Group
#10 of 10 Top Bing Agencies

Alabama Media Group

Birmingham, Alabama

#10 of 10 Best Bing Businesses of 2017 - Alabama Media Group is a part of Advance Local, which has won more than 700 different prestigious awards for its excellent work in the marketing sector. Advance Local attracts more than 48 million people across America to its top brands, and it would like to add you to its stable of top-rated businesses. When you work with Alabama Media Group, you can feel good in knowing that the best of the best is working to market your site on Bing and in any other manner that could help you bring in more traffic.

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