10 Best Youtube PPC Managment Firms

March 1, 2018

Everyone uses Youtube. As an established website for sharing videos, the Youtube platform has expanded dramatically in recent years. Now, when you go to Youtube, you can watch anything from a personal video blog to the latest episode of your favorite television show. There are product reviews, tutorials, movie trailers and more. You may have known all that, but did you know that it can also be the place to expand your business? You can use Youtube as a source for your marketing efforts. If you want to learn more, check out this list for the leading Youtube pay-per-click company. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: Pixability
#1 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms


Boston, Massachusetts

#1 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2018 - Pixability takes online advertising to a different level by producing brand safe ads and placing them on the platforms that really matter. The agency's brand safety guarantee ensures that ads are viewable and appropriate for every campaign you create. Pixability has five offices, including its headquarters in Boston and satellite sites in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London. Pixability is different because of its patented software that allows clients to plan, buy, optimize, and measure premium brand-safe video campaigns. Servies include planning and buying along with measurements and reports that measure how well each PPC campaign is working.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Company Logo: Niddocks
#2 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses


Cornwall, United Kingdom

#2 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agencies of 2018 - Niddocks has become the best YouTube PPC management firm. They help companies to gain visibility on YouTube with pay-per-click campaigns that work within their budget. It increases the visibility for companies across all industries. Additionally, Niddocks works to provide mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and always provides web analytics. Further, courses are offered for the companies who would rather take a DIY approach. The team at Niddocks is always working on the latest online marketing campaigns and look forward to discussing options with new businesses.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agency Logo: Clicky Media
#3 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses

Clicky Media

Chester, United Kingdom

#3 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2018 - Clicky Media (http://www.clicky.co.uk/services/marketing/video/) helps you get exactly where you need to be on Youtube. As the biggest video sharing site in the world, Youtube is the best location for you to get things done with video content. You should never try to move forward with a marketing program that does not include Youtube on some level, and you should never try to create marketing without a dedicated partner. Are you looking to deal with Youtube marketing features all day, or do you want to create content for your channel? Let the PPC managers at Clicky Media handle the hard work.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agency Logo: RightNow Communications
#4 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms

RightNow Communications

San Diego, California

#4 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2018 - RightNow Communications (http://www.netrafic.com/blog/youtube-promoted-videos/) lets you do business on one of the toughest platforms to get an audience on - Youtube! There have been many issues between Youtube and advertisers that have changed the landscape of the platform. You have to be a much better marketer in order to break through and use the platform to make money. Having a great PPC campaign is perhaps the best way to make sure that people see your content on Youtube and on other platforms. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do this, look to the great people at RightNow Communications (http://www.netrafic.com/blog/youtube-promoted-videos/).

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Company Logo: Emerging Media Partners
#5 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agencies

Emerging Media Partners

Irvine, California

#5 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2018 - For businesses, video campaigns on YouTube are among the best means of quickly and efficiently reaching large audiences with engaging content. For this reason, it's important or businesses to work with a top YouTube PPC agency, such as Emerging Media Partners. From keyword research to social media cross-promotion, Emerging Media Partners can help make your video marketing as effective and profitable as possible. The company can also help you target your videos locally and provide data about your campaign's results. If you want to expand your business using the incredible power of video content, give Emerging Media Partners a try.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Business Logo: Marin Software
#6 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Companies

Marin Software

San Francisco, California

#6 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Companies of 2018 - You probably already know that advertising your business across multiple social media platforms is going to be your best strategy for raising awareness and getting results. However, you might not really have the time to manage all of your social media campaigns. Luckily, there is a solution for that: Marin Software. Marin Software offers a program that you can use to promote your website across multiple different platforms. This can help you handle your posts, pay-per-click campaigns and more without having to put in all of the work yourself. Plus, it can help you track your results and more, making it easier for you to make major changes that can help you see the results that you are looking for.

Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Business Logo: ZeeWebsol
#7 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms


Faisalabad, Pakistan

#7 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2018 - ZeeWebSol is an online advertising and digital marketing agency that offers companies strong and effective digital marketing plans. Companies looking for greater brand visibility can turn to ZeeWebSol for solutions. Based in Pakistan, the company offers a wide range of strategies. The company offers digital advertising/display, social media advertising, pay-per-click, and YouTube ads campaign management. ZeeWebSol also offers SEO, keyword research, content marketing, and Web analytics reporting. ZeeWebSol proposes to be one of the best digital marketing companies in Pakistan. ZeeWebSol is also a top influencer in monetizing videos through connected devices.

Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: agency THE
#8 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agencies

agency THE

Orlando, Florida

#8 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2018 - It's no secret that video marketing through YouTube is one of the most powerful promotional tools available to business owners at the moment. To fully leverage it, though, your business needs the help of a professional YouTube PPC management service like agency THE. With its considerable experience promoting video content through PPC advertising, agency THE can help your business reach more viewers, gain more subscribers and convert more customers through the YouTube medium. If you are looking for top-quality video PPC services from a firm that knows how to get your message to the largest possible audience, consider working with agency THE.

Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: SB Search Marketing
#9 of 10 Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agencies

SB Search Marketing

Hermosa Beach, California

#9 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agencies of 2018 - If you really knew how many people visited You Tube each day, you would understand just how much of a marketing force this one site has turned into. The interested component of this is that people around the globe use YouTube on a daily basis. That makes it a perfect site to target an effective pay per click campaign. You want to make sure that your messages are only reach people in your target demographic group, so you will want to use the services offered by SB Search Marketing. As the best YouTube PPC Management Firm, they will deliver new traffic to your site.

Top Youtube Pay-Per-Click Agency Logo: AccuraCast
#10 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Businesses


London, United Kingdom

#10 of 10 Best Youtube Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2018 - For companies trying to create a dynamic marketing campaign on Youtube, AccuraCast is the answer. While the basics of setting up a PPC campaign on Youtube appear simple at first, anyone that tries to run a successful campaign quickly learns that effective PPC campaigns require professional input. AccuraCast provides strategy development to give you the most out of your advertising dollars every month. From video creation to ad placement on Youtube, working with AccuraCast allows you to focus your energy in a targeted way to maximize your advertising budget. Solution oriented, AccuraCast is one of the best Youtube PPC firms available.

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