10 Best PPC Firms May 2016

When you choose pay per click advertising, you are choosing a marketing tactic that lets you pay for results. However, creating a successful campaign requires an expert touch. Therefore, make sure you find the best pay per click management agency by studying the companies listed below. These companies will help you create a campaign that is optimized for success. You can expect help designing your ad, selecting your website and deciding how long to run the ad. Because these companies have been vetted, you can trust that these companies offer excellent customer support and deliver palpable results in online advertising. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading PPC Managment Business Logo: Minkism
#1 of 10 Best PPC Companies


Idaho Falls, Idaho

#1 of 10 Best PPC Firms of 2016 - A common mistake made by many businesses or individuals is to believe that just because they have an in house IT staff or that they themselves are good with computers is that it means that they'll be able to set up and operate a successful pay per click marketing campaign all on their own. PPC is a complicated and potentially costly endeavor, and that's why hiring the best PPC management firm can help you get a positive return on your investment - instead of wondering what went wrong. Minkism is without a doubt this company, because they have affordable rates and are staffed by advertising specialists.

 Best PPC Managment Firm Logo: Crush My Market
#2 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Businesses

Crush My Market

Walnut Creek, California

#2 of 10 Leading Pay Per Click Management Businesses of 2016 - PPC, also known as pay-per-click, offers a huge opportunity for business growth. It allows you to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience for the fraction of the price of traditional media such as print and radio. If you want to get the best results possible, why not hire proven professionals? Crush My Market is one of the best PPC management firms around. The firm specializes in local online marketing, so they can geo-target the right prospects. They use proven tools to maximize your PPC budget, and Crush My Market even offers free consultations to see how they can best help you.

 Top PPC Managment Business Logo: Customer Magnetism
#3 of 10 Top PPC Agencies

Customer Magnetism

Virginia Beach, Virginia

#3 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - Customer Magnetism is a marketing firm that is operated out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company is rated as one of the best pay per click management firms in Virginia. Fields of expertise covered by Customer Magnetism include social media support, website development, pay per click advertising, content marketing, display advertisements, user experience, conversion rate optimization, online video production, and marketing support. Companies that are affiliated with Customer Magnetism include Lars Remodeling, Mommy's Bliss, and Edward's Ham of Virginia.

 Leading PPC Managment Company Logo: AXZM
#4 of 10 Top Pay-Per-Click Firms


Dallas, Texas

#4 of 10 Leading Pay Per Click Management Firms of 2016 - AXZM is a web design and digital marketing agency that focuses on clients in the healthcare, legal, nonprofit, and technology sectors. Their services include digital marketing management, digital strategy consulting, sales funnel optimization, and web development. They help clients improve content strategies through SEO and UX consulting. They automate email marketing and develop targeted video and social media campaigns. They are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified Partners, and Yext Certified Partners. AXZM specializes in pay-per-click management that reduces costs and improves lead conversion.

 Leading Pay Per Click Management Business Logo: SEM Drive
#5 of 10 Best Pay Per Click Management Agencies

SEM Drive

San Mateo, California

#5 of 10 Best Pay Per Click Management Businesses of 2016 - SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and that's the industry that the best PPC management firm SEM Drive is involved in. They aren't only involved in it, they know it like the backs of their own hands. This team of digital marketing experts can help get your campaign up and running, provide you with valuable user data, and make suggestions as to how you can get an even better return on your investment. Pay per click marketing can be an intimidating task to undertake alone, even if you have an in-house IT department. That's why hiring SEM Drive makes exploring this marketing channel an easy, successful experience.

 Top Pay Per Click Management Firm Logo: Ami Creative Studio
#6 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Companies

Ami Creative Studio

Anna Maria Island, Florida

#6 of 10 Best Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - If you're looking for a smaller agency that personalizes their every service to meet your needs, search no further than AMI Creative Studio. Known for their reliability, high quality, and reasonable costs, AMI Creative Studio serves businesses that require search engine optimization and pay per click solutions that work the first time. Previous clients that can attest to their brilliance include Menlo Innovations, US Service Animals, Penguin Marketing, Brav, and America's Press. In addition to their main services, AMI Creative Studio provides excellent work in graphic design, social marketing, video editing, web design, identity management, branding, and more.

 Top Pay Per Click Management Business Logo: Florida SEO Hub
#7 of 10 Top PPC Businesses

Florida SEO Hub

Cape Coral, Florida

#7 of 10 Leading Pay Per Click Management Companies of 2016 - If you have an online presence, then you likely understand the need to engage in pay per click campaigns in order to draw in new traffic to your site. At the same time, it is important to target a specific demographic group in order to minimize the number of visitors you pay for that would not be interested in your product or service in the first place. Florida SEO Hub is the best PPC Management Firm because they have just such an ability. Their business is maximizing your marketing dollars and drawing in new traffic to your website. Contact them today.

 Top PPC Agency Logo: RUNNER
#8 of 10 Best PPC Companies


Dallas, Texas

#8 of 10 Best PPC Managment Firms of 2016 - Digital marketing is no longer optional; successful businesses must utilize it to stay competitive in today's market. For businesses in the growth stage, Runner Agency is one of the best PPC management firms around. PPC, or pay per click advertising, is a smart way to drive faster growth. This method places your message in front of a targeted audience to get you leads faster. A successful PPC campaign includes highly relevant keywords, and strategic bidding for those keywords. Runner Agency has the experience necessary to make your PPC campaigns a success. You can trust them to take your business to the next level.

 Best PPC Managment Agency Logo: Click Ready Marketing
#9 of 10 Leading Pay-Per-Click Firms

Click Ready Marketing

Dawsonville, Georgia

#9 of 10 Best Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2016 - When done correctly, PPC campaigns can yield huge rewards for the businesses that launch them. When you're ready to take your PPC efforts to the next level, you can count on Click Ready Marketing, one of the best PPC management firms you can find. Click Ready Marketing is an Atlanta-based SEO company serving businesses in Atlanta, Georgia and around the country. They have the knowledge and experience to make your campaign a success. Whether you need help with selecting the best keywords, placing bids, or monitoring your campaigns after launch, Click Ready will stay one step ahead of your needs.

 Best Pay Per Click Management Company Logo: My Good Profile
#10 of 10 Leading PPC Managment Firms

My Good Profile

Boonton, New Jersey

#10 of 10 Leading PPC Managment Businesses of 2016 - If you've experienced a lack of positive results in the past with pay per click marketing, working with one of the best PPC management firms, My Good Profile, might be exactly the thing you need so that you or your organization can reach your target demographic. My Good Profile is a PPC management firm, which means that they can help create a brand new campaign for you - one which is the most likely to have a positive return on your investment. They're capable of doing this because they have years of online advertising experience, so when you want the best, go with My Good Profile.

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