10 Best Facebook PPC Management Firms October 2015

Facebook is a pioneering website that defined the role of social media in the modern world. This means you can connect with friends, family and acquaintances around the world. This also means you can turn Facebook into your next online marketing venture. For a successful online marketing campaign on Facebook, consider the power of pay-per-click advertising. When you choose pay-per-click ads, you are purchasing a prominent location on Facebook. You are charged when people click on your link, which means you only pay for results. To be successful, choose the best Facebook pay-per-click business. The top choices are included below. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Qorvis
#1 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Agencies


Washington, DC

#1 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Agencies of 2015 - Qorvis provides services meant to integrate traditional marketing and research functions with the power of social media. Client companies seeking a knowledgeable provider of Facebook pay-per-click campaign management can tap into personal service backed up with return-on-investment statistics. This PPC management firm handles the details of creating effective Facebook ads and then gathers insights about how to create and boost engagement. Advertising design and messaging focus on triggering emotional experiences for the target audiences. Clients gain support services and feedback that will maintain relevance with consumers and result in desired actions.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: Expediteclicks
#2 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Orange, California

#2 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2015 - Expediteclicks offers digital marketing PPC services to small and medium businesses. Internet marketing through PPC is proven to be much more effective than email campaigns or other print media advertisements. In the digital age of business, PPC is the only cost effective means to advertise your business. The PPC services provided by Expediteclicks tailors its distinctive Digital Marketing program to meet the particularized needs and requirements of your business. With the Facebook PPC Management, your advertisements will reach approximately 89 percent of your target audience.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: Zooliad
#3 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses


Temecula, California

#3 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Companies of 2015 - Zooliad is a Facebook pay-per-click management agency that believes how much money a client spends is less important than the targets chosen. The company offers a full range of services to suit small and large businesses alike, ranging from website creation for start-ups, to full optimization tasks for well-established companies. No matter what clients choose, Zooliad's websites are fully optimized to drive highly targeted traffic without sacrificing usability. All efforts are user friendly and a result of customer feedback, attractive headers and custom designs. Zooliad makes it a point to listen to customer needs and works closely to maintain relevance.

 Best Facebook PPC Business Logo: KineyStreet
#4 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies


Seattle, Washington

#4 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Agencies of 2015 - If your company is looking for a fully qualified full service Pay Per Click management agency, Kinsey Street is the answer. With over fifteen years of experience this veteran owned agency has been helping companies just like yours attain their marketing goals. As a certified AdWords partner, Kinsey Street is uniquely qualified to service your Google AdWords account to bring more traffic to your websites. Also specializing in Facebook Pay Per Click, Kinsey Street has the dedication and talented staff to reach the millions of daily Facebook users who are looking to do business with your industry. Contact Kinsey Street today.

 Leading Facebook PPC Company Logo: The URL Dr.
#5 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies

The URL Dr.

Columbia, Maryland

#5 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2015 - When your brand is trending on Facebook, millions of eyes and ears are connected to the message. Follow this with PPC clicks on ads about products and services, and the impressions and likes will skyrocket. The URL Dr. is the firm that can help management and monitor the welcomed onslaught of profits with insights from metrics including organic and conversions. They are the catalyst with services starting the chain reaction from campaigns filled with brand sponsored claims and stories. The use of technologically savvy designs in front of targeted demographics is the strategy. Email updates from this firm will be opened first.

 Leading Facebook PPC Business Logo: Bayshore Solutions
#6 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Agencies

Bayshore Solutions

Tampa, Florida

#6 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2015 - Bayshore Solutions offers digital expertise to grow any business or organization through many creative services and digital marketing, including Facebook PPC Management. This PPC Management Firm has years of experience in over 2,100 different enterprises that have used Facebook marketing successfully and effectively to grow their businesses online and face-to-face. Bayshore's professional team of digital marketing experts work hard to achieve each of their clients' business goals for online marketing and then continually improve upon them as the business grows and develops. From web development to brand storytelling and everything in between, Bayshore Solutions' work evokes effective results.

 Leading Facebook PPC Firm Logo: WordStream
#7 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Agencies


Boston, Maryland

#7 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies of 2015 - WordStream is a pay per click management firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm was founded in 2007 and is now known as one of the best Facebook pay per click management firms. WordStream provides support with pay per click software, agency solutions, managed services and free graders. WordStream has received many awards and recognition from various sources. WordStream credits the company's success to its core values, which includes obtaining authenticity, transparency, leadership, greatness, action and working together. The company also provide marketing advice through their blog.

 Leading Facebook PPC Business Logo: I Think an Idea
#8 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies

I Think an Idea

Los Angeles, California

#8 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2015 - I Think an Idea is a firm specializing in SEO for clients who want to maximize marketing efforts using custom designed solutions that take advantage of social media platforms. Innovative approaches require constant attention to marketing trends and statistics. PPC campaign effectiveness is dependent on market research and effective targeting. I Think an Idea is the best Facebook PPC Management firm because strategists constantly adjust campaigns to account for the latest changes to the platform. Superior content and marketing campaigns are how this firm continually helps clients to achieve a maximum return on their marketing investments.

 Best Facebook PPC Agency Logo: Grand Strand Virtual Solutions
#9 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms

Grand Strand Virtual Solutions

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

#9 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms of 2015 - Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is a reputable, results-driven Pay Per Click management firm that helps to attract visitors to Facebook pages. With over two decades of experience backing their efforts and proven advertising tactics, the approach of the Grand Strand Virtual Solutions team can help clients rank higher in many areas; racking-in higher numbers with views, revenue, and paid clicks. They are equipped to assist clients in maximizing their PPC campaigns without breaking the bank.

 Top Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Get Found First
#10 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses

Get Found First

Rexburg, Idaho

#10 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies of 2015 - If you are looking for a solid way to promote your website without spending a lot of money, pay-per-click Facebook advertising can be a very smart choice. Even though free marketing on Facebook can be effective, marketing via pay-per-click advertising can help you see results a lot more quickly. Luckily, Get Found First can help you with putting together your Facebook marketing campaign and executing it. Get Found First offers a lot of online marketing services, but one that it is known for is Facebook PPC marketing. Luckily, Get Found First can help your site get found first on Facebook.

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