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Your LinkedIn profile is the way that you connect to other professionals that are in your field. There is very little that you can do if you are trying to expand if you do not have an active LinkedIn profile. If you are running a business on LinkedIn, publicizing yourself is even more important. B2Linked (http://www.b2linked.com/services/linkedin-ads-account-management/) is the team that you need on your side to get your professional profile going. Do not move ahead unless you have the right promotional team on your side. You will only get one chance with your online reputation. If there is anyone looking for you, you want to make sure that your best foot is forward! The LinkedIn experts at B2Linked (http://www.b2linked.com/services/linkedin-ads-account-management/) can help you in more ways than one. Do not try to get your day to day stuff together and try to publicize yourself at the same time - call B2Linked (http://www.b2linked.com/services/linkedin-ads-account-management/)!

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