10 Best Twitter PPC Management Firms August 2015

Twitter has quickly become one of the most important forums for advertising your business online if you want to stay relevant across many different demographics. It takes a special set of skills to be able to craft an effective PPC ad campaign on Twitter, which is why you should only work with the best Twitter pay-per-click business that you can find. All of the superior firms on this list have been ranked and tested to make sure that they can develop PPC ads that result in increased sales for their clients. You know your marketing investment will be spent wisely. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top Twitter PPC Managment Firm Logo: Internet Marketing Ninjas
#1 of 10 Top Twitter Pay Per Click Management Firms

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Clifton Park, New York

#1 of 10 Best Twitter Pay Per Click Management Businesses of 2015 - With Twitter being as huge and successful as it is, it is a great place to advertise your website. However, putting together a pay-per-click advertising campaign and managing that campaign can be tough, especially if you have never done it before. Luckily, this is where Internet Marketing Ninjas can help you out. Basically, Internet Marketing Ninjas offers a host of different marketing services, including Twitter PPC management. This means that they can help you promote your website by planning a perfect advertising campaign. Then, you can save money and ensure that your Twitter PPC advertising is as effective as possible.

 Best Twitter Pay Per Click Management Agency Logo: Damco Solutions
#2 of 10 Leading Twitter PPC Managment Firms

Damco Solutions

Township, Pennsylvania

#2 of 10 Best Twitter PPC Managment Firms of 2015 - The Damco Solutions company is a global software development company that offers IT services and consulting. They offer solutions for businesses and help companies improve their customer service. Damco has seen success for over 18 years, during which they amassed a list of global clients at the top of their industries. They’ve successfully completed more than 1,000 projects and work from various global locations in the U.S., the UK, Australia, India and Luxembourg.

 Leading Twitter Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: Epica Interactive
#3 of 10 Leading Twitter PPC Businesses

Epica Interactive

Phoenix, Arizona

#3 of 10 Best Twitter PPC Managment Companies of 2015 - Getting people's attention with Twitter PPC ads can be a daunting task. "Best Twitter PPC Management Firm" Epica Interactive can help Twitter PPC campaigns improve their numbers. If you are spending more than you would on PPC and not seeing as many conversions from your clicks as you would like, these are the folks to contact. Epica Interactive know how to select audiences to target, and they know how to set up ad rates so your daily budget does not seem to evaporate. For help making Twitter PPC make sense, get in touch with these good people.

 Top Twitter PPC Business Logo: Thrive Web Marketing
#4 of 10 Best Twitter Pay Per Click Management Businesses

Thrive Web Marketing

Arlington, Texas

#4 of 10 Top Twitter Pay-Per-Click Agencies of 2015 - With Twitter PPC, as with every other nook of paying for clicks, you have to be respectful of your ROI. For those without the time or acumen to worry over this subject, there is "Best Twitter PPC Management Firm" recipients Thrive Web Marketing. Converting someone's click to your desired outcome is tricky on Twitter. Thrive Web Marketing can help you convert more prospects into customers. Any firm or individual who wants to go in a positive direction with Twitter PPC should have a conversation with Thrive Web Marketing. They can help you thrive!

 Top Twitter Pay-Per-Click Firm Logo: Your Search Advisor
#5 of 10 Leading Twitter PPC Managment Companies

Your Search Advisor

Glen Allen, Virginia

#5 of 10 Leading Twitter PPC Managment Companies of 2015 - Any person or firm who is not interested in "going it alone" when it comes to PPC campaigns on Twitter can find comfort in the services of Your Search Advisor. This Best Twitter PPC Management Firm takes over clients' pay-per-click campaigns on the giant social media site. It takes expertise to do well at keeping down costs and increasing conversions. That is the exact expertise the people behind Your Search Advisor possess. Your Search Advisor has a bright future.

 Top Twitter PPC Managment Agency Logo: Digital Refresh
#6 of 10 Leading Twitter Pay-Per-Click Agencies

Digital Refresh

Girardeau, Missouri

#6 of 10 Best Twitter Pay Per Click Management Businesses of 2015 - Digital Refresh is one of the top Twitter PPC (pay-per-click) management firms in the digital marketing industry. This Missouri-based firm specializes in generating leads for large and medium-sized brands through PPC ads. Additionally, the boutique-sized firm offers consultation services for brands that already have Twitter PPC ads but haven’t generated their desired amount of revenue from them. They are also knowledgeable in Google AdWords, Google analytics, Facebook advertisements, and plenty of other services that help generate leads.

 Best Twitter PPC Company Logo: TatuDigital
#7 of 10 Best Twitter Pay-Per-Click Firms


San Jose, California

#7 of 10 Top Twitter Pay-Per-Click Businesses of 2015 - TatuDigital is Silicon Valley-based media company that has existed since 1995. Since then, the agency has evolved alongside the changing Internet landscape. They specialize in helping their clients develop a strong online presence across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Since TatuDigital has been around for two decades, clients can trust them to not blindly follow contemporary marketing trends. This agency has the knowledge and experience to steer their clients toward the social media channels that will work the best for them.

 Leading Twitter Pay Per Click Management Business Logo: OurBizSpace
#8 of 10 Leading Twitter PPC Firms


West Seneca, New York

#8 of 10 Best Twitter PPC Businesses of 2015 - OurBizSpace is a digital optimization company with a special focus on Twitter PPC (pay-per-click) ads. Navigating the world of advertising on social media channels like Twitter may feel like a daunting task, but OurBizSpace has nearly a decade’s worth of experience implementing PPC ads. This firm’s full range of services include website content optimization, keyword ad key phrase analytics, reciprocal link building, and social media marketing. Their clients hail from a variety of different industries such as entertainment, healthcare, and hospitality.

 Best Twitter PPC Managment Firm Logo: Portent
#9 of 10 Top Twitter PPC Firms


Seattle, Washington

#9 of 10 Top Twitter PPC Agencies of 2015 - The folks who work at Portent know social media and how to get people on it to act. That is why they have garnered "Best Twitter PPC Management Firm" recognition. To understand what Portent can do for its clients, consider your area of expertise. If it is not PPC, then PPC is taking up too much of your time. Portent is made up of PPC experts, and they can help you get clicks that "click" with your budget, and the people behind those clicks will turn into conversions. With Portent, expect your ROI to go up!

 Leading Twitter Pay-Per-Click Agency Logo: Zuan SEO USA
#10 of 10 Top Twitter PPC Managment Companies


Los Angeles, California

#10 of 10 Best Twitter Pay-Per-Click Firms of 2015 - Zuan SEO USA is an innovative leader in Twitter’s Pay-Per-Click marketing game. You may be limited to 140 characters, but you now have unlimited advertising potential at your disposal. Clicks will quickly become coins in your coffers, and the coins will add up fast! Twitter is one of the most heavily used networks on the Internet, and this team employs an incredibly comprehensive process to boost your bucks! With cost-effective marketing principles, they focus on crafting the best possible returns on each investment. Extensive analysis guarantees that target audiences are diligently located. After determining demographics, a multipronged multimedia approach is unleashed!

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