10 Best Facebook PPC Management Firms April 2017

Pay-per-click advertising can be difficult to figure out on your own, which is why working with the best Facebook PPC firm is important. Facebook PPC advertising helps you target a specific audience that might be interested in your goods and services, but without a team of experts working on your campaign, you could end up wasting a lot of your budget. However, since Facebook is one of the biggest websites on the internet, expert use of the PPC system could also greatly benefit your business. Every company on this list has demonstrated excellent PPC-marketing skills. Get started today! The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Facebook PPC Company Logo: Expediteclicks
#1 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Companies


Orange, California

#1 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies of 2017 - Facebook has millions of unique visitors every day, which makes it an excellent advertising venue. The staff of Expediteclicks provides affordable marketing solutions such as pay per click (PPC) ads that can be shown on Facebook feeds. These PPC ads are carefully timed by Expediteclicks in order to maximize their impact. Expediteclicks also does the needed research to ensure that the PPC ads are shown to audiences most likely to click and make a purchase. Expediteclicks' experienced team works to create PPC ads that inform and inspire consumers to learn more about the products and services offered by their clients.

 Best Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Zooliad
#2 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies


Temecula, California

#2 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2017 - Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users. From individuals to other businesses, there are many ways that a company can interact and get noticed on this popular social media network. When a business needs to promote a product, pay per click (PPC) ads shown on Facebook are an ideal solution. These ads are shown on the sides of Facebook feeds and interspersed within a feed. Users choose whether or not they want to learn more. If they do, they click onto the PPC ad. Zooliad is a top ten Facebook PPC firm, providing clients with cost-effective advertising on Facebook.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: KineyStreet
#3 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies


Seattle, Washington

#3 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies of 2017 - KinseyStreet is currently being hailed as the best Facebook PPC management firm in its class. This full-service, pay-per-click marketing agency offers an impressive range of services that includes call tracking, competitive analysis, keyword research, and campaign tracking. Companies can work with KinseyStreet to control their costs, optimize their returns, and gain dramatic increases in online recognition. Kinsey Street is a Certified Google Adwords Partner that offers a variety of online marketing solutions to small and mid-size companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout the world. Founded in 1998 by Robert Coats, KinseyStreet prides itself in maintaining an optimal level of transparency through regular, in-depth, and easy-to-understand reporting.

 Best Facebook PPC Company Logo: The URL Dr.
#4 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Businesses

The URL Dr.

Columbia, Maryland

#4 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms of 2017 - The URL Dr. is one of the best Facebook PPC Management Firms on the market today. This firm is designed to help businesses with their website branding and content. Their employees are experts in what they do. Each business is given a plan tailored to suit its individual needs. The URL Dr. utilizes Wordpress to help businesses create cutting-edge content. Kim Merritt-Butler, the face behind the company, has more than twenty years of experience with ecommerce website design, as well as thirty-nine years of experience with retail management.

 Best Facebook PPC Company Logo: Bayshore Solutions
#5 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses

Bayshore Solutions

Tampa, Florida

#5 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2017 - Bayshore Solutions is one of the best Facebook PPC Management Firms on the market today. Founded in 1996, Bayshore Solutions creates solutions that allow businesses to reach out to their prospective clientele. Bayshore Solutions offers a wide range of services. Their website developers can create and design entire websites for companies or revamp an outdated site. Their creative services and digital marketing teams optimize a company's social media for maximum effect. Every employee is an expert in their trade, and each client receives an individually tailored plan to suit their company's unique needs.

 Leading Facebook PPC Agency Logo: WordStream
#6 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Agencies


Boston, Maryland

#6 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies of 2017 - WordStream is currently being hailed as the best Facebook PPC management firm in its class. This first-rate, Internet marketing firm is committed to making success in online advertising easy. Offering a variety of affordable and cutting-edge, digital marketing solutions, Wordstream maintains the overarching goal of helping its clients establish their brands and improve their bottom lines. Companies that work with WordStream have access to a free Adwords performance grader, a free Facebook opportunity calculator, and many other no-cost, no-obligation tools. Wordstream provides automated, custom alerts for optimizing campaigns across multiple social media platforms, management services for BingAds, Facebook Ads and Adwords in a single, intuitive interface, and progress tracking among many other resources and solutions.

 Top Facebook PPC Agency Logo: I Think an Idea
#7 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms

I Think an Idea

Los Angeles, California

#7 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2017 - I Think An Idea is a Facebook PPC management firm with a strong foundation in marketing, event planning, design, and business management. This full-service SEO agency works with clients one-on-one to maximize their social engine presence while amplifying their brand across multiple social media channels and safeguarding the reputation of their clients. Based in Santa Monica, this PR firm and SEO agency offers an extensive array of social media marketing services, SEO services, and online reputation management services. Whether a client is in need of strategy formulation, conceptualization, consultation, or implementation, I Think An Idea is available to help. Drawing upon their vast network and extensive experience, the team at I Think An Idea works to integrate social media, SEO, web design, reputation management, and PR techniques to assist clients in reaching their business goals.

 Best Facebook PPC Agency Logo: Grand Strand Virtual Solutions
#8 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies

Grand Strand Virtual Solutions

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

#8 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Agencies of 2017 - When a company needs to reach a specific audience and needs to do so on a tight advertising budget, the pay per click (PPC) system is a good strategy. When a PPC campaign is launched, a business only pays for the ad when it is clicked on by a consumer. Each click on the ad delivers the consumer to a specific page on the client's website. When PPC ads are shown on the wildly popular Facebook social media network, the potential for traffic and conversions is tremendous. Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is ranked as a top ten Facebook PPC firm.

 Leading Facebook PPC Business Logo: Get Found First
#9 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms

Get Found First

Rexburg, Idaho

#9 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2017 - Get Found First is a technology company that specializes in the handling of pay-per-click, or PPC, campaign management for Facebook and other social media platforms. PPC is a marketing tactic that can be put to good use via social media because advertisers are granted access to a very specific demographic. Firms like Get Found First help businesses and organizations achieve a positive return on marketing investment by carefully selecting keywords and demographics. In addition, the company creates ads designed to spur engagement, which has a positive impact on the bottom line. In short, the firm helps businesses take advantage of social media advertising.

 Top Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Qorvis
#10 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms


Washington, DC

#10 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2017 - As the best Facebook PPC Management Firm around today, Qorvis is ready to work with you and create an effective digital marketing campaign for your business or organization. This will help you gain the best use out of marketing yourself on Facebook, a social medical platform that has hundreds of millions unique visitors each and every day. You can get your message targeted to the very people that you are trying to reach, so you will not be paying for clicks made to your website by people who would never consider buying from you. Contact them today to learn more.

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