10 Best Facebook PPC Management Firms June 2016

Facebook is a pioneering website that defined the role of social media in the modern world. This means you can connect with friends, family and acquaintances around the world. This also means you can turn Facebook into your next online marketing venture. For a successful online marketing campaign on Facebook, consider the power of pay-per-click advertising. When you choose pay-per-click ads, you are purchasing a prominent location on Facebook. You are charged when people click on your link, which means you only pay for results. To be successful, choose the best Facebook pay-per-click business. The top choices are included below. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Facebook PPC Company Logo: Expediteclicks
#1 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies


Orange, California

#1 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Expediteclicks is the best Facebook PPC management firm for companies that want to take advantage of social media advertising by building viral content that will be shared between online communities more efficiently than traditional advertising otherwise would. Given Expediteclicks experience in pay-per-click advertising, it should come as no surprise that many of the companies that hire Expediteclicks continue to take advantage of their services long after the first social media marketing campaign has ended. In addition to pay-per-click advertising, Expediteclicks also has plenty of experience in helping with other digital advertising endeavors.

 Leading Facebook PPC Business Logo: Zooliad
#2 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Companies


Temecula, California

#2 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Zooliad is one of the best Facebook PPC Management Firm out there. Zooliad helps companies all over the world with creating ads using targeted keywords. These ads are then placed on search engines and social media platforms and target only the people that particular companies are looking for. This company guides business owners through each step of the campaign process in a PPC environment and Zooliad manages it for the company so that they are not left to take care of something that is not their business to run.

 Best Facebook PPC Agency Logo: KineyStreet
#3 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Businesses


Seattle, Washington

#3 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - When it comes to PPC management, Kinsey Street offers comprehensive solutions fit for organizations of any size. As one of the industry's best firms, their professional team helps non-profits, companies and government entities achieve better results with pay per click advertising campaigns. Kinsey Street is a Certified Google AdWords Partner, but their service offering also includes just about everything related to digital marketing. They track results from all of their advertising efforts to find what works and what doesn't. This also helps clients get the best return on investment for their online ad budget.

 Top Facebook PPC Firm Logo: The URL Dr.
#4 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies

The URL Dr.

Columbia, Maryland

#4 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - The URL Dr. is a best Facebook PPC management firm because they create engaging pay per click (PPC) ads that entice Facebook users to click over and have a look at what the client has to offer. The URL Dr.'s staff uses a mix of creativity, graphic design and inspiring information to create the ads. Behind the scenes, their researchers and developers take a look at who the target audience is and do the coding so that the ads appear only in the feeds of potential customers. This cost-effective marketing solution helps clients to get a maximum return on investment.

 Top Facebook PPC Agency Logo: Bayshore Solutions
#5 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Agencies

Bayshore Solutions

Tampa, Florida

#5 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Companies of 2016 - Bayshore Solutions is a creative advertising and web design agency that is widely considered to be the best Facebook PPC management firm for businesses that want the best results for the least amount of money invested. Bayshore Solutions is able to accomplish these results due to their professional knowledge in both online digital marketing and creative web design. Through what's known as "brand storytelling," Bayshore Solutions is able to craft unique media campaigns that are specific to a company's identity, instead of something vague and inorganic.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: WordStream
#6 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Boston, Maryland

#6 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - WordStream puts the power of website performance and advertising analytic data at customers' fingertips thanks to their free benchmark tool. The utility provides a detailed overview of what works and what doesn't, so you can start making improvements that matter. As one of the best Facebook PPC management firms, WordStream offers an array of educational material to help customers understand the process as well as expert consulting and managed services. With the help of the firm's professional team, new businesses and entrepreneurs don't have to navigate the churning waters of digital marketing alone.

 Leading Facebook PPC Agency Logo: I Think an Idea
#7 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses

I Think an Idea

Los Angeles, California

#7 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - I Think an Idea brings experience, creative intuition and wise strategic design into play to help their clients succeed in the world of online advertising. The firm offers a variety of services ranging from website development to consultation and management for pay per click ad campaigns. They also know a thing or two about SEO and how a business can use it to attract a much bigger audience online. I Think an Idea helps clients articulate their core message and visualize a brand identity that resonates with consumers and encourages them to engage with the product or service.

 Top Facebook PPC Business Logo: Grand Strand Virtual Solutions
#8 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Companies

Grand Strand Virtual Solutions

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

#8 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is a Facebook pay-per-click management firm that also specializes in search engine optimization and public relations. Founded by Wall Street executive, Janine Acceturo, Grand Strand Virtual Solutions was specifically designed as an alternative to corporate public relations agencies that lack a person touch. As a certified social media expert, Janine and her team at Grand Strand Virtual Solutions have perfected the art of social media advertising and have considerable experience in building campaigns that drive traffic.

 Best Facebook PPC Business Logo: Get Found First
#9 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies

Get Found First

Rexburg, Idaho

#9 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Get Found First knows that success in advertising is not just luck, but the result of quality marketing efforts. As one of the best Facebook PPC management firms, they help clients raise awareness in their target consumers and create a positive impression of the company overall. They help optimize conversion rates by adjusting content and website functions to encourage visitors to engage with the content. Landing pages are also essential to any good site, which is why Get Found First goes out of their way to help develop one for their customers.

 Top Facebook PPC Business Logo: Qorvis
#10 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Washington, DC

#10 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2016 - Qorvis is a top Facebook PPC management firm that has been in business for over 15 years. During this time, they have received over 100 awards for the quality of their services and now have more than 3,400 staff members worldwide. If you want a serious and professional firm to manage your Facebook advertising, they want to work with you. They optimize your Facebook PPC campaigns by using methods to grab the attention of your audience, finding out what they want and inspiring them to take the action you want them to. This enables you to use social media advertising to its fullest potential.

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