10 Best Facebook PPC Management Firms October 2016

Facebook is a pioneering website that defined the role of social media in the modern world. This means you can connect with friends, family and acquaintances around the world. This also means you can turn Facebook into your next online marketing venture. For a successful online marketing campaign on Facebook, consider the power of pay-per-click advertising. When you choose pay-per-click ads, you are purchasing a prominent location on Facebook. You are charged when people click on your link, which means you only pay for results. To be successful, choose the best Facebook pay-per-click business. The top choices are included below. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: Expediteclicks
#1 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Orange, California

#1 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Expediteclicks is a digital marketing firm with extensive experience in pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising management for popular social networking website Facebook. Since Facebook has more than a billion users worldwide, businesses have realized the potential for advertising on the social media giant. Expediteclicks helps businesses identify a specific target audience and develops PPC campaigns geared toward elevating shoppers into buyers. By enhancing the conversion rate, the firm helps clients get the most value from marketing budgets. Plus, Expediteclicks evaluates every campaign before making adjustments to aid in long-term strategy advertising. In short, the firm helps companies get more out of the same marketing dollars.

 Top Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Zooliad
#2 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses


Temecula, California

#2 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - Zooliad is a digital marketing company that provides pay-per-click, or PPC, management services for the extremely popular social networking site Facebook. Since Facebook boasts millions of users across the globe, businesses have turned to PPC ads to take advantage of advertising to a specific demographic. Zooliad helps companies and organizations identify and optimize these campaigns. Since the PPC process results in a charge to the advertiser for every click on an ad, the firm provides the necessary guidance and experience to keep marketing budgets intact. In short, Zooliad serves as a guide through the complicated world of PPC marketing to maximize impact.

 Top Facebook PPC Company Logo: KineyStreet
#3 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Seattle, Washington

#3 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools on the face of the planet. That being said, it requires an effective strategy in order to be profitable. Failing that and you are likely just throwing your money away. If your current advertising efforts on social media are not paying off, it is time to talk to KineyStreet. They are widely regarded as the best Facebook PPC Management Firm. They know how to get you social media messages out in front of the right users so that you are no longer paying for meaningless clicks that amount to nothing.

 Leading Facebook PPC Agency Logo: The URL Dr.
#4 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies

The URL Dr.

Columbia, Maryland

#4 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - The URL Dr. provides extensive services to build an online brand using targeted advertising and messaging, including the use of Facebook pay-per-click marketing. Affordable for small businesses, The URL Dr. offers strategies for those on a small budget and extensive services for those with more to spend. Clients on a budget can watch webinars on up-to-date strategies for marketing on Facebook, while businesses looking for more assistance in designing a Facebook advertising plan can avail services including SEO optimization, Facebook page management and detailed marketing plans. The URL Dr. also has services for website design and marketing through other online and social media platforms.

 Best Facebook PPC Company Logo: Bayshore Solutions
#5 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Firms

Bayshore Solutions

Tampa, Florida

#5 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Firms of 2016 - Founded in 1996, Bayshore Solutions is a digital marketing firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Its services include search engine optimization (SEO), website development, paid search advertising, brand storytelling, cloud hosting, brand storytelling, social media engagement, and web analytics. Bayshore Solutions' clientele has included MarineMax Vacations, The Melting Pot, Huber Engineered Products, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Offshore Sailing School, the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay, and the J.C. Newman Cigar Company. Bayshore has been named to the Advertising Age Magazine’s list of Top U.S. Interactive Agencies for 13 years in a row. In addition to its Tampa headquarters, Bayshore has offices in Denver, Colorado and Miami.

 Best Facebook PPC Agency Logo: WordStream
#6 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Boston, Maryland

#6 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - More than 1 billion people are active users of Facebook, which is why the team at WordStream creates and implements enticing PPC ads on this major social network. The staff at WordStream is experienced with doing the research that is necessary in order to target PPC ads at the audiences who would be most likely to do business with their clients. Their targeted Facebook ads are not intrusive and allow consumers to opt in and learn more about what their clients do or sell. Their ads are cost-effective and help small clients to make the most of minimal marketing budgets.

 Leading Facebook PPC Agency Logo: I Think an Idea
#7 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Agencies

I Think an Idea

Los Angeles, California

#7 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Agencies of 2016 - Folks in search of a better footing on Facebook can turn to a firm called I Think an Idea for results. This excellent agency has the PPC know how to make worries about pay-per-click campaigns fade into the background. Additionally, I Think an Idea has services that can help online brands have exactly the footprint they need in order to find success. I Think an Idea's services go far beyond the scope of PPC, and that is the kind of thing an ambitious business needs from online marketing. For more info on this winning outfit, check out its website.

 Best Facebook PPC Firm Logo: Grand Strand Virtual Solutions
#8 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses

Grand Strand Virtual Solutions

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

#8 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies of 2016 - Grand Strand Virtual Solutions is a Facebook PPC management firm that maintains headquarters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The company focuses on increasing consumer traffic using Facebook advertising and promotional strategies. Grand Strand Virtual Solutions has been in serving high profile corporate and private clients from across the country for over 25 years. The company hires a dedicated staff of social media strategists work to maximize Facebook PPC results for every customer. Grand Strand Virtual Solutions follows a strict code of ethics that includes maximum transparency when speaking with clients, and promoting service above anything else.

 Leading Facebook PPC Agency Logo: Get Found First
#9 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms

Get Found First

Rexburg, Idaho

#9 of 10 Best Facebook PPC Businesses of 2016 - Get Found First is a digital marketing company that specializes in delivering PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising management for popular social network Facebook. Social networking attracts millions of users every day, and businesses have realized that these companies offer a direct pipeline to a targeted demographic. Since PPC advertising results in a charge for every click on an ad, advertisers have turned to companies like Get Found First to elevate the conversion rate of turning shoppers into actual buyers. By crafting new ads and overhauling existing ones, the firm helps businesses optimize the entire PPC process and keep the marketing budget intact.

 Best Facebook PPC Business Logo: Qorvis
#10 of 10 Leading Facebook PPC Firms


Washington, DC

#10 of 10 Top Facebook PPC Companies of 2016 - Qorvis is a digital marketing agency that provides pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising management services for social networking site Facebook. Since PPC marketing is a process that results in a charge with every single click, advertisers have turned to experienced firms like Qorvis to manage the overall process. The firm identifies opportunities, crafts ads, and deploys solutions to optimize the PPC campaign. The company strives to drive the conversion rate, turning shoppers or clickers into buyers, to help clients achieve a higher return on investment. Because social networking services boast millions of users, companies and organizations can tap into a potentially huge revenue stream.

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